Vehicle GPS Tracker
The system is specially designed for private car owner, operation service provider and group users, promoting their alarm functions and dispatching efficiency. The unit is a GPS+GSM Tracker, which designed with quad band for global use.


User can inquire or control the Unit via SMS, DTMF, GPRS commands. The default operation password is 8888#. Please change it after purchase. You should enter the operation password before every SMS or DTMF command.
1. Vehicle positioning
   A. Locate the Vehicle on APP
   B.Locate the Vehicle on PC
   C.Locate the Vehicle via SMS
   D.Locate the Vehicle via Google link.
2. Remote Alarm (Contacter must be preset)

   A. Vibration Alarm
   B.Geo-fence Alarm
   C.External power failure alarm
   D.Low battery alarm
   E.Vehicle Service alarm
   F.Speeding alarm

   G.SOS emergency alarm 
3.Remote fuel control.
4.Voice monitor
5.Setup & Inquire

   A.Setup Contacter
   B.Reset operation password
   C.Inquire common use command
   D.Inquire system parameter
   E.Factory setting

Item Spec.
GSM Band Quad Band 850/900/800/1900MHZ
GPS Sensitivity :-162dbm  A GPS:Supported
Positioning Clod start:29s; Hot start(Assist):1s.
Li battery 250mAh
DC input 9V-55V
Power Consumption Sleep:10mA   working:30mA
Working Tempreture -30—70℃
Size 82x50x25mm
Weight 60g